New! The metal with a matte finish from thyssenkrupp

New! The metal with a matte finish from thyssenkrupp

Great news: the range of metals and coatings has been expanded by a batch of new coarse-grained matte metal from thyssenkrupp – Pladur ® Wrinkle Mat. 25 year warranty on metal!


The anti-corrosion protection of steel provides an innovative ZM-Eco Protect zinc-magnesium coating (ZM 130 g / m²). The 35-μm multilayer paint coating provides additional protection and provides a structured surface so that the color intensity does not change regardless of the viewing angle. The back of the metal is covered with a 10 μm protective lacquer.

ZM Eco Protect® is a special Zinc-Magnesium (ZM) anti-corrosion coating that provides twice as effective corrosion protection as traditional Zinc (Z) coatings. Tests have shown that a ZM coating of 130 g / m² provides the same level of corrosion protection (and even higher) as Z 275 g / m² at twice the thickness of the coating.

Pladur ® Wrinkle Mat is available in 4 colors:

Ral 7024

Ral 8017

Ral 8019

Ral 9005