Raw material


thyssenkrupp is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of carbon steel in the world. The German concern  is well known to be innovative and highly technical.

Pladur® is a multilayer coating that combines a high portion of thin-walled steel with a unique aesthetic content. The main coating is an innovative ZM Eco Protect® metal alloy developed at thyssenkrupp Research Center to improve the anti-corrosion properties of carbon steel. ZM Eco Protect® is a special anti-corrosion zinc-magnetic (ZM) coating that provides better corrosion protection than traditional zinc (Z) coatings. Tests have shown that a ZM coating of 130 g / m2 turns out to be equal to corrosion-resistant (may be higher) than Z 275 g / m² while reducing the coating thickness.

Coverage Overlap:

  • Improvement of corrosion level compared to traditional zinc coating.
  • Less coating thickness.
  • Best molding properties.
  • Adaptable to weather.
  • Longer duration time of uses


Acciaieria Arvedi is an Italian group of metallic materials, established in 1963. Arvedi products contains European standard, ideally offered for the construction and general industry. Arvedi steels are absolutely safe, free of hexavalent chromium. Also the steel is aligned with the REACH EU standarts (protection of human health and the environment from the adverse effects of chemicals.)

In addition, thin-line steel is manufactured using the innovative Arvedi ISP / ESP® process, which provides re-shifts.


ArcelorMittal is one of the world largest metal concerns in the world, that accounts approximately 10% of the world market. The products are represented by more than 60 countries in the world.

Cover sheets corresponds to the European standards of the group and do not contain hexavalent chromium. ArcelorMittal coatings are not subject to UV transition, corrosion and significant damage.

Dongbu Steel

South Korea’s Dongbu Steel Group has been in the business of producing premium products for over forty years. It is widely known in the world and supplies products to Ukraine. Dongbu Steel steel has a warranty period of up to 30 years and is certified in Ukraine.

As a rule, Dongbu Steel has a thickness of 0.45 mm and a galvanizing amount of 275 g / m² pertaining to the first grade of zinc coating.