Strotex AL 90 steam barrier

Strotex AL 90 steam barrier

A steam barrier is a roofing membrane that has a low vapor permeability and protects the insulation against moisture. The steam barrier is mounted on the inside of the insulation, it can be mounted horizontally or vertically. When assembling, all joints and overlaps must be taped with special tapes or adhesive tapes for roofing films to ensure tightness.

A three-layer Strotex AL 90 steam barrier film consists of an upper and lower layer of polyethylene film and an inner reinforcing layer of polypropylene mesh that provides the highest tensile strength. The top polyethylene layer is covered with a metallic coating that reflects heat radiation, protecting the house from heat loss.

Main Benefits

  • steam resistance – a reliable protection against thermal insulation of walls and roof from moisture;
  • prevents the appearance of fungi and mold in the insulation;
  • increased tensile strength due to reinforcement;
  • convenient installation;
  • protecting your home from heat loss.

Key Features

  • density 90 g / m²;
  • temperature range: -40 ° C to + 80 ° C;
  • roll sizes: 1.5 m wide, 50 m long = 75 m²;
  • Tensile strength (longitudinal / lateral): 220/150 N / 5 cm;
  • UV resistance: 3 months;
  • fire classification: moderately combustible (G2);
  • manufacturer: Poland.