Antenna output

Antenna output

Antenna Output – An element of roof accessories designed to address issues with antenna output through the roof. With this element, the installation of the antenna is solved even in the most difficult, in terms of architecture, places. When installed on the roof, it is possible to adjust the angle of inclination.

Perfect Wirplast PA 48

  • gateway system: antenna output;
  • type of roof: metal;
  • ventilation outlet diameter: 19 – 90 mm;
  • types of metal profiles: N (wave height 25 ± 2), XL (wave height 45 ± 2), W (wave height 35 ± 2); L (wave height 42 ± 2);
  • material: polypropylene (PP) – protected from UV rays and rain;
  • Includes: gate element, adjustable antenna output, rubber cap, metal bracket, seal;
  • manufacturer: Wirplast (Poland).