Roof Windows Velux

Roof Windows Velux

LLC Budservis offers Velux Roof Windows(dormer) for sale. Velux is the world leader in the production of skylights and sunglasses with 75 years of experience. The company’s products have already gained the prestige of skylight owners around the world. Thousands of Ukrainians have given credence to Velux products, and the company continues to hold a strong position in the Ukrainian market.

Velux Optima

The GZR 3050 and GZR 3050B are practical and functional skylights that are accessible to everyone. Velux skylights with a base set of characteristics that meet or exceed the standards required for successful operation. Velux Optima roof windows are designed for customers who value the price. New generation skylights have a larger glazing area, allowing more daylight and better window views.

  • Convenient aluminum handle, bottom or top;
  • Integrated weather protection;
  • 10% more light;
  • Built-in ventilation valve;
  • Dust and insect filter;
  • Tempered glass.

Roof windows of the GLP B model for wet areas. You will get all the benefits of the Optima Standard line with its advanced design and added security in the form of a triplex interior glazing. This model provides additional seals. White plastic windows are suitable for rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms or kitchens, and rooms with light interiors. A built-in two-position ventilation valve will help you quickly get rid of excess moisture and odors. There are two lower handle lock positions for additional ventilation.

  • 3-position bottom zinc handle;
  • Reliable weather protection;
  • 10% more light;
  • Built-in ventilation;
  • Dust and insect filter;
  • Extra seal contour;
  • Tempered glass;
  • Safety Glass – Triplex Inner Glass;
  • Stylish design;
  • Moisture-proof white plastic, easy to clean;
  • Improved PVC profile, tailored for skylights.

Velux Standart Plus

Dormer window Velux Standart Plus with double-glazed windows at an affordable price – uncompromising protection of your home from heat loss. In combination with ThermoTechnology ™ technology and special sealants, the window design achieves the highest heat transfer resistance. With its unique upper handle, combined with a ventilation valve under the attic window, it is convenient to position the furniture or provide a seating area.

GLL 0061 is a two-chamber window made in water-based lacquer wood.

GLU 0061 – Moisture-proof wooden two-chamber window in polyurethane capsule, especially for rooms with high humidity. The unique seamless design in white does not require extra special care. GLU 0061 is a warm and practical window design for your attic.

  • Energy-efficient two-chamber double-glazed window Rvik = 1.23 m² / W;
  • New ThermoTechnology ™ Insulation System;
  • Additional sound insulation;
  • Extra seal.

Velux Premium

The Velux Premium GZL 1051 skylight is made of water-based lacquered wood. The upper handle is combined with a ventilation valve for easy ventilation even with the window closed. It is easy and convenient to operate the window with this handle, and you can place furniture or arrange a lounge or play area under the window.

Moisture-proof window for high-humidity rooms GLU 1051 – a wooden window covered with polyurethane is a practical solution for the bathroom, kitchen, pool, etc. The dormer window does not require any special, easy-to-use care.

  • Original and stylish pen
  • Reliability of construction
  • New ThermoTechnology ™ Insulation System;
  • The ability to ventilate when the window is closed
  • Easy to clean the window from the middle of the room
  • Quickly installing curtains
  • Higher than 1.3 watts / m²K

Classic moisture resistant polyurethane window. Unique white waterproof window. The framework from glued wood is covered with monolithic polyurethane. Keeping all the benefits of the classic model (easy to open and built-in ventilation), this window is not moisture-proof, mechanical, and maintenance-free.

  • A handy aluminum upper handle;
  • Built-in ventilation valve;
  • Dust and insect filter;
  • New ThermoTechnology ™ Insulation System;
  • Extra seal;
  • Safety glass;
  • Easy to clean and maintenance free.